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Thursday, January 11, 2007

News and Spam Hell

Not much to report just yet in the New Year.

If you've submitted and not heard back -- my apologies. I'm getting 1200 pieces of Spam per day into the account -- and that's what's getting through the Spam filter, which is set as high as it can go. I'm not even looking at what's in the Spam folder.

I'm working my way through everything else as best I can.

Please make sure you put "submission" into your poems or essays.

Please make sure you include a bio with every submission -- and contact information, so I can email you back.

I'm thinking of moving this site over to Word Press -- I've moved several other sites over in the past few weeks. I have to investigate a bit more and see if we can move the arachives as well.

Thanks for your patience, and may you have a poetic New Year!


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