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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Wait

The Wait

by Sandy Jones

In anticipation I wait for the end
of our time

When I am no longer plagued
by these feelings
Within me.

When your eyes no longer hold
mine captive

And your face no longer haunts
my dreams.

In anticipation I wait for my life
to be my own

When I stop struggling to catch
a glimpse of you

When my heart can rest from its
At the sight of you.

And your touch no longer thrills me
into ecstasy.

Sandy L Jones writes paranormal fiction, poetry, and has plans for a children's inspirational series. You can visit her on her website or her blog This is her first poem to be published.
(My apologies to Sandy Jones -- Blogger will not support the format in which the poem was submitted -- I cannot change alignments or size within the poem)


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