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Friday, December 02, 2005

"Remember Me"

Remember Me
By Rachelle Arlin Credo

Remember me when I am gone away
Into the farthest land I could ever stray
Where the golden moments we shared together
Will only seem like dreams that can't be remembered

Remember me when the happy days we've known
Will all be forgotten and outgrown
When the songs we sang joyfully together
Will mean no more than a sigh of sheer despair

Remember me when the sunbeams will be dawning
And the tide of life will stop surging
But though the memories of our past fades away
Will you promise to still remember me?

Rachelle Arlin Credo is a poet from the Philippines.
Her poetry has been published in various magazines and
online poetry publications. This is her fourth poem published by Circadian Poems.


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