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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Poetry News

Tomorrow is the launch of Colin Galbraith’s new book, Fringe Fantastic. This wonderful, witty, ecstatic compilation of poems and photos is available here.

What a great way to start December!

Colin’s contributed both wonderful poems and terrific articles to this site. Best of luck to him!

Circadian Deadlines:

If you’re interested in submitting your work to Circadian Poems, click here.

In addition to always reading submissions with an eye to the poetry or essay slots, I’m looking specifically for the following:

Poems for Friday the 13th – yes, we have one in January! Poems should be 12 lines or less, due on Dec. 13.

Poems for Burns Night or Virginia Woolf’s birthday – both of these fall on January 25; deadline December 30. Again, poems of 12 lines or less.

Poems for Imbolc/Candlemass (Feb. 1) due Jan. 1 – preferably 24 lines or less.

Poems for Valentine’s Day – due Jan. 14 – 12 lines or less.

If you have any news on your projects, please send me information and/or a press release. Also, starting in January, I will be posting more news and information from other poetry sites, ezines, etc. I’m putting together a list of poetry sites so we can exchange information.


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