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Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Fool in a Box

A Fool in a Box
by Sheryl Joy P. Olaño

I was a fool in a box,
A sheltered fool that hungered
To spring out and have a taste
Of the intoxication they called love
With a smile painted on my face
For I always thought it sweet

Not for long, my waiting was paid -
The box was unlocked
And out I burst
In vivid colors of joy

Yet before I could even
Touch the ground
Of the world I so craved,
Of a freedom I so envied,
Back I was pushed with
The truth of the door

And I merely bent to its will
Till I was locked up again
Still I lay waiting…crumpled,
But not lost
As this happened over and
Over again

For the feel, the sight
Of the open space
Fed me dreams

Sheryl Joy P. Olaño is a journalism graduate and now working as a junior editor in publishing company CannonCreek Asia Incorporated, where she deals with business news writing. She is also a contributor to the Philippine newspaper Sun Star Daily Cebu,,, ezine and goarticles. She writes essays, short stories, poetry and sometimes novels.


  • At 10:11 PM, Blogger sonoftheprodigal said…

    her poem reverberates like a poignant song and sears the flesh like pointed and icy needles.


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