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Monday, November 21, 2005

Poems Celebrating American Thanksgiving

My First American Thanksgiving
By Danielle Frézier

On my first American Thanksgiving,
turkey tasted odd and bulky in my mouth;
sweet potatoes like candy; cranberries tart.
An atheist spoke Grace, giving thanks, holding hands.
We drank Beaujolais and ate chocolate cake.
Why eat corn? Cows eat corn.
Enormous sandwiches two hours past the meal.
Laughter. Conversation. Debate. Dishes.
My first American Thanksgiving
taught the importance of a single day
devoted to thanks, warmth, and love.


Thanksgiving Morn
By Hunter Cole

Steel gray skies threaten to unroll a snow curtain.
Smoke curls from chimneys – different woods, different scents.
An owl calls; an unseen creature scatters dead leaves in fright.
Fisher tracks remind me to lock the barn.
Sweat rolls between my shoulder blades
As the axe splits the logs.
Aromas of coffee and biscuits and bacon
Urge me to hurry in my tasks
So I can rejoin Beth, standing at the stove making breakfast;
Donna coloring on newsprint beside a brown stuffed bear in his own chair;
Evvy and Kyle fighting over who’s old enough to peel potatoes;
Preparing for a day of guests and laughter.


Gran Fletcher’s Apple Pie
By Brenda Braene

A slightly burnt smell of cinnamon and sugar
transports me back to snowy days
in Gran’s blue and white kitchen,
a black and white cat watching from her wooden chair.
The day was spent in soft four
Rolling, kneading, cutting cutter.
“Do it just so.”
“Why don’t my pies taste like yours, Gran?”
“The older you get, the more kinds of love you put in.
I gotta few years on you, dreamy girl.
Older bakers got more kinda love in their pies.”

Brenda Braene’s blog is Poet Meets Muse, and she shares a website, The Three Braenes, with Bridget and Beatrix Braene. The three share a love of Jane Austen’s life and works. Her poems “Harvest I in Two Voices” and “Harvest Moon” were published by Circadian Poems.

Hunter Cole loves the Maine woods. This is his first published poem.

Danielle Frézier is at her best in the moonlight. She does not have a website . . .yet. She was previously published by Circadian Poems on Halloween.

Circadian Poems is off for the holidays. We will return on Monday, November 28 with a featured poem.

In the meantime, the address is up and working again. You may submit poems here.

Have a wonderful week!


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