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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Update and Request for Halloween Short Verses

The submissions are coming in for the Circadian Poems launch and they are quite wonderful! I’m reading them and responding as quickly as I can, and trying to balance them on the schedule, for both flow and variety.

Thank you and keep submitting!

For Halloween, Oct. 31, I am looking for a variety of SHORT verses – ten lines or less. Instead of one feature poem, I’d like to publish a handful of smaller ones – themed towards Halloween, Samhein, et al.

They can be submitted here.

Because I hope to print several, there will be a shortened bio line.

Many thanks!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Essays Accepted, Too!

I’ve decided that, in addition to poetry, Circadian Poems will also feature essays about poetry or about the writer’s favorite poets and what they mean to the author. Pieces can run 250-800 words, and be in the body of the email, not as an attachment.

In general, I would prefer submissions to be in the body of the email, especially from people I don’t know. I’ve been hit with an awful lot of spam and viruses lately, and I’d prefer not to have a major computer crash!

If the submission format looks wonky, I will consult with the poet before posting it, to keep the desired format as true as possible. There may be some spacing that the program won’t honor.

Many thanks!

Submissions can be made here.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Guidelines for the Project

Here are the guidelines for the project. I hope you will choose to participate!

Circadian Poems Guidelines

This is a blog where we share original poems with each other, not a commercial ezine or a literary magazine. However, appearing here does count as electronic publication, so only send something that either has been previously published, or that won’t hurt you from appearing here as “One Time, Non-Exclusive Electronic Rights”.

The author retains copyright. Nothing can be reproduced without the author’s permission.
The poem can be published, sold, and used by the author (and only the author) anywhere else the author wishes. The author has been kind enough to share the work, not hand it over! If it appears first on Circadian Poems, please acknowledge that in future reprints. If the works has appeared elsewhere before it appears in Circadian Poems, please give that information in the bio line, so it can be properly acknowledged.

The poem will remain archived however long the archives stay up; if the author wishes the poem removed, let me know and I’ll delete it.

There is no pay involved, unfortunately. If this moves to its own domain and becomes a commercial site in the future, I will let everyone know. But, right now, it is a blog.

In spite of that, not every poem will be posted. I’m reading them as though they were submitted for paid publication, and the poems that move me the most strongly will be the ones put on the site.

Poems should be 30 lines or less. They can be rhyming, non-rhyming, sonnet – any format is fine, as long as the imagery and word choices are strong.

A single photograph or illustration to go along with the poem is welcome, provided it is original work, and follows the same rights as listed above, and appropriate credits will be listed. Please submit photographs as JPEG files.

A one or two sentence bio, not more than 50 words, will be included in the post. Links to websites and other work are welcome; if you wish a link to your website placed permanently on the sidebar, please let me know and send me the information. I’m happy to include it.

Projected launch date is October 3, 2005. Hopefully 3-5 poems per week will appear on the site.

I hope to respond to all submissions within 2-4 weeks. If submissions snowball, it may take longer.

Submissions can be sent here.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Frequency and other Questions

Question: How long with this project last?

Answer: It depends upon the submissions. If there are a lot of wonderful submissions, the project could last months. If there are only a few, it might be weeks.

Question: How often will poems appear on the site?

Answer: I hope to post one new poem on at least three separate days per week.

Question: How many poems can be submitted at once?

Answer: One poem is great; five is the limit in one submission right now, please. Even if I receive several poems and accept all from one person, I will probably break up the posting dates. i.e, let's say Poet A submits five poems and all five are accepted. I would rather not post them back to back -- I'd rather post A, B, C, D, A, E, F, etc.

Question: How long before I hear back from a submission?

Answer: If there is a deluge of submissions, it could take a couple of months. I'm hoping it will only take 2-4 weeks. You will receive an idea of the time frame when you recieve an acknowledgement of receipt of the poem.

Question: When will guidelines be posted here?

Answer: In the next day or two.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

New Launch Date Chosen

I took a look at the calendar.

Monday, October 3, 2005 makes sense as the official launch date for Circadian Poems. Not only is it a Monday, near the beginning of a new month, it is also a New Moon, which bodes will for the project.

So, Monday, October 3, 2005 -- official launch date of Circadian Poems.

Some Questions and Some Answers

I am about to send out invitations to some poets who I hope will join us. I think their work will enhance our understanding of the world.

Question: How often will poems appear?

Answer: That depends on how many submissions I receive. I hope to post 3-5 poems per week. There will, however, be times when I am traveling and cannot do so. That will also be posted, so that the site doesn't simply remain stagnant all the time.

Question: When will the poems begin to appear?

Answer: I hope to launch by October 1; however, if I have enough material, I will start posting poems sooner.

Question: Does posting on the site count as "publication"?

Answer: It will in some cases. It depends on the editor and publication to whom you submit anything appearing in Circadian Poems in the future, since this is a blog site to share poems, rather than a commercial website. Yes, you can add it to your list of credits as appearing (and archived) in Circadian Poets. Yes, authors retain copyright and the material cannot be used on any other site without author permission. And, for those publications that would consider an appearance here as "previous publication", it would fall under "one-time anthology use".

Guidelines will be available soon.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Circadian Poems -- A New Project

I can hear the groaning from those of you who know me.

Another project?

But this will be FUN!

As are the others!

What is this?

Well, as of yet, this is a blank canvas. But that's okay. Soon, it will fill. And it will fill thanks you YOU.

There's Daily Zen, Daily OM, Daily whatever.

What about a place for poets? Not just to read the work we've all read a million times, but to read something new? Something unique? To meet poets you've never met before?

That's the purpose of this site.

Soon, I will have an address for submissions, and guidelines.

Until then, here is Webster's Definition of "circadian":
"designating or of behavioral or physiological rhythms associated with the 24-hour cycles of the earth's rotation, as in man, the regular metabolic, glandular, and sleep rhythms which may persist through a dislocation of a day and night caused by high-speed travel."

Artists do that all the time.

And, I truly believe that people NEED poetry in order to function.

Our heartbeat sets an internal rhythm. The rhythm of poetry either compliments or agitates our natural internal rhythm. Either way, we need poetry in order to survive.

By nature, we are circadian poets, and we seek circadian poems.

Stay tuned to learn more about this journey!