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Monday, October 23, 2006

Picnic in San Fernando

By Rachelle Arlin Credo

She lays the white cloth
on the ground of grass
and opens the cans of coke
with gentle flicks.

On a little narra table
she sets the plates,
each with three hanging rice
and a quarter of lechon;

while he broils some meat
on a rack over hot coals,
the heat of the sun
and the coals before him
scorching his cheeks and forehead.

Smiles paint the little faces
of their children running against
the count of hide and seek
with the other kids in the plaza.

As the embers dry to the cooling sun
she calls them all to gather round
hands washed, faces flashing
they say a little prayer before partaking
from the small banquet of love.

BIOGRAPHY: Rachelle Arlin Credo is a writer/poet from the Philippines. She writes on a variety of topics for print and online publications. Feel free to check her website at

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