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Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Poems

Night Riders
By Alissa MacKenzie

Rising up
out of the deep
Midnight strikes
they cannae sleep.

Reach for the moon
tread in the damp
Mind the headstone
don’t bump the vamp.

Pumpkins, cats,
brews and sweets,
Straw and spice,
light running feet.

Little girl lost,
little boy found
Big, wide eyes
scary tales abound.

Tastes of Halloween
By Brenda Braene

Clean, crisp, tart, sweet
Apples are Halloween’s treat.

Gooey, sticky, chocolate, mint
Candy sweetens the souls of flint.

Laughter, shrieks, glee abroad
Behind each mask a happy fraud.

Trick or Treat
By Hunter Cole

Littlest a ladybug
Eldest a pirate
Middle a witchy princess
Or maybe a princessy witch.

Each stitch made with love.
Each step handled with care.

Who knew a night
Of fright
Brings such

Brenda Braene
is a frequent contributor to Circadian. Her blog is Poet Meets Muse.

Hunter Cole loves his Maine woods, and loves watching his kids delight in the home-made costumes made by his wife.

Alissa MacKenzie has nothing to say in a bio.


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