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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Voice on the Phone

The Voice On The Phone
by Sheryl Joy P. Olaño

The enchantment your eyes bring…the enticing lips…
that bear a smile that makes my day
The strength in the gentleness of your touch…
Your charming ways…warm embrace...
Living testaments of the beauty you possess…
Yet all these I forsake
For my heart betrays what my eyes seek.

My mind sees that you are all I could ever hope for
But…my heart troubles on…

I fell in love...with the voice on the phone.

Not with the face unseen,
Not with the unfelt arms,
Not with the identity kept,
Not with the anticipation,
Not with my imagination,
Nor with the hope of a love returned.
That’s not how I fell in love
With the voice on the phone.

The voice on the phone is rich with tenderness,
With a comprehension that eases my pain;
A voice that has guided and comforted me
Through all my crumbling glories;
A voice that makes me strong
While the sight of you makes me weak.
A voice like no other…

I fell in love with what my eyes cannot see.

Suddenly the smile that is borne
On your cherry-kissed lips
Freezes…drops its bows…then suddenly soars!
Like a resurrected phoenix
Getting brighter and brighter…

Calm…and then a spark in your eyes
Your arms…they envelope me in a firm certainty
Surprise me…you’re unmistakably happy

And in a voice that haunts me even in my sleep,
You tell me it’s proven infallibly true…
I fell in love with the voice on the phone
And the owner is…

Sheryl Joy P. Olaño lives in Cebu, Philippines and is a senior editor of business news publishing firm CannonCreek Asia Inc. She is a contributor of Writers Gate, The Write Spot, Sun Star Daily Cebu and other Web publications. Her blog is at


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