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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Interview with Wanda Campbell

Here is a wonderful interview with Wanda Campbell, who was our very first Circadian Poet when we began last year, and who was kind enough to take a moment to speak to us:

Do you begin from image or emotion?
Both, I suppose. The smell of a flower, the color of a stormy day sky or just about anything can bring back a memory for me that begs to be written about. Whenever I condense a memory into sensory words and tell it with as few words as possible, it seems the emotions automatically embed themselves. I think usually a poem is born for me from a concept or a phrase that is almost always linked with a memory, whether it be something that happen five minutes ago or thirty years ago.

Why do you think poetry touches the soul so deeply?
The old Hebrew word for poet was also the word for prophet. I think that is right on target. For me, true poetry goes beyond the facades and shallowness of our manufactured worlds; it sees into the soul of a person and mirrors that soul's reflection. I love a poem that makes me say..."Hey, that's me, too! I understand that. I have LIVED that!" My main goal as a poet is to connect with people. To put into words the common human experiences that are rarely voiced because we don't know that we share them or haven't stopped to think about them.

What do you feel a poet's responsibility is in the context of the world?
Above all, in my view, to show that the natural is merely a reflection of the spiritual and that the grandest moments in humanity are often small, will never be written in history books or have wars fought over them. I think it is our responsibility to report our observations of this world as best as we can remember it and to provide a window for the earthbound to see into another realm, to understand that we are frail, helpless creatures, yet not even the angels in heaven hold such a high and esteemed place, that every life is precious, not to be taken lightly and that each person's life is an eternal poem in the process.

Wanda D. Campbell is a poet, novelist, artist and teacher from the rolling hill country of southern Kentucky. Her work has appeared in The Taproot Literary Review, Pegasus, River Walk Journal, storySouth, Midsouth Review, Farmland Publications, The Rogue Scholar and many other traditional and online publications. Most of her work has appeared the pen name, Nochipa. She is a member of the Kentucky State Poetry Society and attends workshops throughout Appalachia and the South.Visit her at: At Home in the Cumberlands


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