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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tomorrow's Dreams

Tomorrow’s Dreams
By Patricia Gallant

Will tomorrow’s dreams ever become real?
Will the harshness of today someday be concealed?

Will I ever know the happiness that I’ve tried hard to achieve?
Will the struggling and the pain of the past and present leave?

Heartache, illness and debt haunt me every day,
Make me cry and sweat; I kneel down and pray.

Today is just yesterday playing itself again.
If tomorrow’s dreams come, I ask you now – when?

The trials of experience help us learn and grow.
Memories that teach prepare us for tomorrow.

But when will that happen? When will tomorrow’s dreams come true?
It seems I’m stuck in yesterday, forever feeling blue.

Patricia Gallant is a mother of two daughters from Ontario, Canada. Her first poem was published in the Toronto Star Newspaper in 1978. She writes poetry when the mood strikes. She meets with a writing group on a weekly basis and is currently working on a novel.


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