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Friday, March 03, 2006

I'll Remember You

March 3, 2006

I'll Remember You
by Sheryl Joy P. Olaño

I remember you back when
You first crawled into my life
Four-legged tenderness out of
A bundle of fragile delight
Your eyes, mirrors of my surprise
And though yet wordless
Endless were our what's this,
What's that, then when
More, more! Our chant in life
I remember you...
In vibrant colors of pink, red,
Yellow and green
With hair of finely spun midnight,
Rose-blessed expectant lips;
Your eyes glistened with a
Play of dawn and twilight
Against skin of sun-kissed ivory
I saw only hope of what was to come
We asked the hows
Then…the heartbreak pouring
From your eyes
You asked for why
Yet still seek for more

Now, I see you
Hair gleaming silver with
Well-earned years
Lips of thin paleness sealing
Volumes of golden reality and dreams

Your eyes…now tendered with
Acceptance and goodbye
Wrench my heart; you leave
With but a sigh
And yet, beyond my mortal eyes
You're still very much alive
For you will only cease
To exist for me
Not at the last of your breath
But at the end…of mine.
I'll remember you, old friend...forever

Sheryl Joy P. Olaño is a journalism graduate and now working as a junior editor in publishing company CannonCreek Asia Incorporated, where she deals with business news writing. She is also a contributor to the Philippine newspaper Sun Star Daily Cebu,,, ezine and goarticles. She writes essays,
short stories, poetry and sometimes novels.


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