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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Goodbye, Ghost

Goodbye, Ghost
By Brenda Braene

I leave the grounds of the Alamo.
The ghost walks with me as far as the gate.
I cross the threshold.
He tries
And fails.
I take his hand
and try to pull him across.
His hand pulls away
As a chasm opens between us
The chasm of the living and the dead.
He is trapped.
I make my own traps.
I watch him stand
With tears trickling down transparent cheeks.
I turn and walk away
Feeling crueler than the soldier who killed him.
I turn back
He lifts his hand.
I smile.
He disappears.
My window overlooks the garden.
I look for him.
I hope he is free.
I see him wandering
Lost and alone.
Through uncaring tourists
Trying to make contact
But they can't respond.
I visit every day.
We walk the grounds together.
He tells me his story. His longings.
The final morning
I go to say goodbye.
He tries to be brave
But he is no longer
Bound by the expectations of men
And can now feel sad.
We lace and unlace fingers.
He watches from the gate
As I walk away the final time
And he sighs.

Brenda Braeneā€™s blog is Poet Meets Muse. She shares a blog and a love of Jane Austen with her sisters on The Three Braenes. Brenda is a frequent contributor to Circadian.


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