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Monday, January 09, 2006


by Sheryl Joy P. Olaño

It's been long
Since the first time
I whispered you to the moon,
Which granted me
A sight of you
In my dreams

I've prayed the wind
Would take upon its wings
This little wish
And take it straight
Into your heart and mind

Though I know, I know
You may not hear it
In your eyes…
I'm but an angel
And your lips
Call me friend

So now I can only
Gaze at the moon

Sheryl Joy P. Olaño is a journalism graduate and now working as a junior editor in publishing company CannonCreek Asia Incorporated, where she deals with business news writing. She is also a contributor to the Philippine newspaper Sun Star Daily Cebu,,, ezine and goarticles. She writes essays,
short stories, poetry and sometimes novels.


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