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Friday, January 13, 2006

Poems to Celebrate Friday the 13th

Day O’ Beauty
By Joan Spoon

But why, dear love,
would ye fear a date
of the calendar?

Especially one with the grace
and the form and the poise
of Friday the Thirteenth?

‘Tis a day for luck
‘Tis a day for joy
‘Tis a day for expansion.

Only the foolish,
only the ignorant
would fear this day.


Soul Search
By Chloe Ann Clementine

Mystic dark
Fatiguing light
Embracing Night
Soft dawn mark

One candle alight
Live the flame
Don’t play games
With Mystic sight


Friday The 13th
By Cassandra Oleander

Stay under the covers
Don’t venture forth
You might spill salt
Double jinxing the day.

Yes, do well to believe
You superstitious fool
With your shallow breath
And the look over one shoulder.

Go ahead!
Fear it all
Run and hide
Silly thing!

I will dance
I will run
I will love
I will sing.


It is Friday. It is 13.
By Isobel Edge

Hum-mah Hum-mah Hum-mah

Om-A Om-A Om-A



Friday (Friday . . .Friday . . .Friday. . . )
Day of Venus. Silk and velvet. Wet and warm.
Aphrodite. Skin and sweat. Soul Ecstasy.

Thirteen (Three. . .Six. . .Nine . . .)
Magic Number. Dark and light.
Feel its pulse. Feel it. Feel.


Chloe Ann Clementine deconstructs and reconstructs image in words and mixed media. She may even mix up a website one day.

Isobel Edge works to her own, personal pulse.

Cassandra Oleander tries to find the world entertaining and humorous, even when it’s not. Visit her at her blog, Askew.

Joan Spoon loves her garden, her pets and her students. She writes, paints, and plays piano whenever she can.


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