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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The House on the Point -- Part Two

The House on the Point
By Horatia Karrille

Part Two

“What do we do?
We can’t leave her there.”
Janné touches her shoe,
Stops from touching her hair.

“They’ll think it was us.
We can’t take the risk.”
Drew’s brain feels like mush
His eyes round as disks.

“She is real, she is true,
She deserves some respect.
I’m so ashamed of you,
Afraid for your neck.”

“Justice and Law are two different things.
We don’t have the money
To oil the springs.
Please trust me, honey.”

“I cannot believe
You lack such a heart.
For her I shall grieve
And now I shall start.”

“We must leave right now.
Let others respond.
She’s just an old cow.
Why should you feel a bond?”

“She is lovely and young,
Should not meet this end.
Before rise of the sun,
Her killer I’ll send.”

“I shan’t leave you here
To ruin our lives.
It’s me you should fear.
No ghost gives you hives.”

“Is it you who did this?
To one young and fair?
Your plans for my bliss?
Strangle me with my hair?”

Before Drew could respond
A scream rent the air
Cold air mussed the blonde
Came a step on the stair.

To be continued . . .

Horatia Karrille is a poet.


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