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Sunday, January 15, 2006

The House on the Point -- Part One

The House on the Point
By Horatia Karrille

Part One

The tall dark house
Squats on the point
Alone with no spouse
Structure runs the joint.

Below is a cove,
A sapphire jewel.
Behind is a grove,
An earthbound fool.

The round, buttery moon
Rises high in the night
Urging couples to swoon
Giving parents a fright.

The legend of ghost
Sends shivers and chills
The thought of such host
A battle of wills.

Under moon of this night
Travel Drew and Janné
Hand in hand, such a sight
No one could be blasé.

They long for a place
So quiet, so velvet
Their love needs a space
To only be well-met.

Together they climb
With a pause here and there
A kiss and a sigh
To steal on the stair.

A creak of a floorboard
Causes them to take pause
Drew longs for a wall-sword
To defend his love’s cause.

All is quiet yet not well
They can feel in the air
Janné’s voice is a bell:
“It might be a bear.”

A lump on the floor
Towards it they creep
Not washed ashore
“She’s dead, not asleep.”

To be continued . . .

Horatia Karrille is a poet.


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