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Friday, January 06, 2006

A Different Cry

By Gianina Opris

I sit
In the back seat
Breathing doom
More than a week ago
I put my eyes on awkward explanations

Clean my plate
The only one I recognize

I help
To wake
Those swept
In the hurricane

Elizabeth Lee Age 4
Andrew Lewis Age 2
Aoliyah Lewis Age 6
Asha Lewis Age 8
Avionna Lewis Age 12
Atora Lewis Age ?

I find the distance
Between us
Take a look
I drop like a stone
I speak one language
My heart speaks another

I talk to dogs in my way

I live in a portrait that is alive
¯Wipe my face

Gianina Opris currently resides in Denver, Colorado after originally moving from Lima, Peru. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Creative Writing at Naropa University. She has been published in various journals, including Bombay Gin, and has received an honorable mention at Columbine Poets in Colorado. Gianina was selected for the 2004 international poetry exhibition in NW Cultural Council in Barrington, Illinois. Gianina is a second grade school teacher in the Denver Public Schools. She is part of a performing poetry group known as The Invisible.


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