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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Burns Night/Virginia Woolf's Birthday

Today is Virginia Woolf’s birthday, and, also the infamous Burns Night is celebrated in Scotland, honoring poet Robert Burns.

In honor of both of these writers, Circadian presents the following:

Dear Virginia
By Joan Spoon

My dear Mrs. Woolf,
You do not know me,
Yet I feel I know you
through books, diaries, letters..
I worry about you
‘though you died long ago.
I mourn for you,
‘though you would not care.

Your words touch my soul
And they soothe my spirit.
I rush to your defense
when the misinformed
feel the interesting things
in your life
are your suicide
and your sexuality.

You never took
the easy way
you pushed your form
with each stroke of the pen.
You were never satisfied,
never complacent.
And yet get little credit
for your merry laughter.

Your books fascinate
Your diaries, your letters
make you present
though your present is far gone.
And yet, strangely,
I have no doubt
that had we met in person,
we would not be friends.


Ah, Mr. Burns!
By Brenda Braene

Ah, Mr. Burns!
(For I’m too shy
To call you Robert)
Tonight’s your night.

Tonight the revels start
Tonight the haggis pipes
(Or is piped? Forgive me,
Please, I can’t bear haggis).

Yet “Auld Lang Syne”
Seems like only days ago.
The test of timeless poet, sir,
Is the daily use of his words.

Brenda Braene’s blog is Poet Meets Muse, and she shares a website, The Three Braenes, with Bridget and Beatrix Braene. The three share a love of Jane Austen’s life and works. She has been previously published by Circadian.

Joan Spoon loves her garden, her pets and her students. She writes, paints, and plays piano whenever she can.


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