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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

You My Best Friend

You My Best Friend
By Rachelle Arlin Credo

The moment I'm sad
You're always there to make me glad
The moment I'm weeping
You look for ways so I'll stop from crying

You console me when I'm lonely
You brighten my day when it's gray
You give me hope when I'm hopeless
And you lift my spirit when I'm in distress

You're always there to support me
To care, comfort and to point out the way
You've been the friend I can surely rely on
The only one that I can truly held on

And I know I could never find
Somebody like you who's one of a kind
'Coz you're simply the best
And you'll always be the greatest!

Rachelle Arlin Credo is a poet from the Philippines.
Her poetry has been published in various magazines and
online poetry publications. This is her fifth poem published by Circadian Poems.


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