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Thursday, November 10, 2005

November 10 Poetry News

One of our talented poets, Pamela K. Taylor, has tied for first place with her poem “Solidarity”, which will be published in the next issue of Q-News Magazine. Congratulations to Pamela! It’s always great to see wonderful work well-appreciated.

Visit her website: for more information on her work.

On our own front, all poetry slots are now filled through the end of the year. Anything submitted from now forward will be scheduled in 2006 – which isn’t that far away!

The one exception is the Yuletide holiday poems. We still have room for one or two more, ten lines or less. Get them in by November 19, please.

There is still room for a few essays. However, I need to be stricter on the guidelines for essays – please do not just send me a link to an essay. Please submit the actual essay. And please edit it down to 800-1000 words before you submit.

The website transfer should be complete soon, and the Circadian addresses re-set. Keep an eye here and on your e-mail for the update.

Hope you’re having a great November!


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