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Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday's Poem: "Clarity"

By Michelle Miles

I see you there in my dreams
But you are just a ghost
I’ve lost you to the world above
I think I miss you most
I wake to find myself alone
And somewhere in the darkness
As the ache rises in my breastbone
The scent of you still lingers there
I feel your presence next to me
Warm and heady and musky
In the quagmire of my gloom
I turn to find you are not there
You are but a wraith
A scent
A feeling
A spirit
You are the one I long for in my dreams
Knowing I cannot be with you in this life
I pick up the knife
Carving my anguish and despair
Tracing the blue veins under the skin
Bringing the blood forth
It is my only respite
In a life of loneliness
Shadows overtake my eyes
And I know my time is nigh
I see you standing there
Reaching your hand to me
And I know this is not a dream
I dream no more

Michelle Miles writes in a variety of genres. She recently completed her first erotic novella, the first in the Coffee House Chronicles, which is on submission and is currently working on her second, NICE GIRLS DO. Visit her daily blog, Ye Olde Inkwell, at for all the latest news.


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