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Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday's Poem: "Bleeding"

By B.K. Birch

I am bleeding
on the inside
where no one can see
my wounds fresh and gaping.

I scream from the pain,
where no one can hear
they can only see
the smile on my face

I writhe in agony
behind closed doors
I pound my fists
I curse and stomp

I live two lives –
the one on the outside
trying to love and be loved
to give what I cannot get.

I long for understanding
but I am considered different
called a freak, wanderer, or trash
no one cares.

I long for isolation
far away from the hate.
There is nowhere to flee
yet I do not belong.

B.K. Birch’s publishing credits include Wildchild Publishing with two Editor's Choice Award wins, Copperfield Review, Penwomanship, Bygone Days, Mid-South Review and Emerging Women Writers. Her poetry has been published extensively in the U.S. and abroad. She writew book reviews for Midwest Book Review and She is the founding editor and publisher of The Scruffy Dog Review. Her website is


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