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Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday's Poem: "White Cap Warriors"

White Cap Warriors
by Michael Levy

It was a calm morning,
the ocean glistening
with magnificent sparking diamond,
uncountable treasures,
there to be savored, by the ob-servant eye,
Suddenly a blast of cold air sprung up,
armies of white caps began their assault
wave after wave of infantry,
apparently, all with a purpose,
seemingly, on an important mission,
Their supremacy could not be halted,
I tried to fathom their cause
why did they destroy the diamond treasures,
that innocently brought such pleasure,
unceasingly, they formed their groups
advancing, so they thought,
Their journey was not smooth
rather, rough and chaotic
onward, towards the final destination,
a simple shoreline, that just enjoyed
its place in the sun,
finding no objective to their quest, the white caps
vanished into nothingness,
just like belligerent human beings.

Michael Levy is the author four books: What is the Point?, Minds of Blue Souls of Gold, Enjoy Yourself - It's Later Than You Think and Invest with a Genius. His new, book, published on 1st June 05 ,titled: The Joys of Live Alchemy. The words "Live Alchemy" are an anagram of Michael's name. His web site is ranked number one in the world out of 1,800,000 websites when "Inspirational books" are the search words on google.
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