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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Special Poem: "Ramadan Plans" by Pamela K. Taylor

Ramadan Plans
By Pamela K. Taylor

This Ramadan I will snuggle
On the couch with my daughter
Reading Qur’an
And also Green Eggs and Ham,
Mike Mulligan, Ferdinand, and Caps for Sale.
I will sit beside her at the kitchen table
Drawing glue stars
Sprinkling them with glitter
Spelling out the letters of Eid Mubarak
So she can print it on her own.
I will hold her hand as we take the short cut
To the post corner post office
Through the forest to Porter Street,
Down Porter to Washington
Pausing to turn over logs
And find pill bugs rolling into tight balls
Taking time to watch the chipmunks
Stuff their cheeks with autumn’s bounty
Listen to the wind
Make chimes of crisping leaves
Remember the glory of God’s Mercy

This Ramadan I will break fast
On cookies still hot from the oven
And the warmth of a child’s joy
Her delight in sitting on the counter
Cracking eggs
Stirring in brown sugar
Sneaking a chocolate chip
With tendrils of sweet, sticky dough still clinging
Wearing an apron that matches mamma’s
I’ll eat cold pizza for suhur
Or cold cereal
While my husband feasts
On leftover rice and keema
Grilled salmon and spicy corn
I’ll perfect my huraira
Discover the recipe for fatoush
Share biryani and chocolates with my book group gals
And, like a witch or vampire,
I’ll only raid the Halloween haul after dark.

This Ramadan I’ll practice my self-control
I won’t yell when my kids miss the bus
Or forget to take their muddy shoes off
Before climbing the carpeted stairs
I won’t scold when the littlest spills her milk
For third time
Because it really was an accident
Even after two reminders
I won’t lecture when the twins
Play computer games
Before finishing their homework
Especially if it’s just one page
That will only take fifteen minutes to finish
I won’t roll my eyes when my oldest
Uses the hood of her sweatshirt for a scarf
During Asr or Maghrib
Covered is covered, khalas
I’ll curve my lips
When I feel like scowling
At a left behind sock
Or unconsidered comment from my husband

This Ramadan
I will not deny any of my Lord’s blessings

Pamela K. Taylor is a free-lance writer, author and poet. She is Director of the Islamic Writers Alliance, and co-Chair of the Progressive Muslim Union. She lives in Indianapolis with one husband, four kids, two cats and a handful of fish. Her website is:


  • At 12:39 PM, Blogger Nancy E Biddle said…

    It is great to see this Ramadan poem here. I thought I would add comments with explainations for unfamiliar words or concepts.

    Suhur = the early morning meal before the fasting begins

    keema, huraira, fatoush = various traditional dishes

    "I won’t roll my eyes when my oldest
    Uses the hood of her sweatshirt for a scarf
    During Asr or Maghrib
    Covered is covered, khalas"

    hood-scarf = she uses her hood as a covering instead of a proper head scarf, popular with youth!
    During Asr or Maghrib = these are two of the five prayer times
    khalas = finished, as in "period", so, she doesn't use the right covering, but alas, she is covered.

    This poem is full of delightful images and sensations and shows how Islam & Ramadan just fits right into our lives! I did a double take with the Green Eggs and Ham read beside the Qu'ran (porc products not allowed in Islam) but alas, Dr. Seuss is ever a classic, LOL.

  • At 9:10 PM, Blogger M Tabraiz Feham said…

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