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Monday, October 24, 2005

Oct. 27 Poetry News

I had to publish the entire week’s worth of entries early in the week, so as to make sure they all got up; I’d rather have the work up a few days early than scramble to get it in late.

Hopefully, my schedule will settle down a bit starting next week.

Famous last words.

Make sure you visit the site this weekend for a special Ramadan poem by Pamela Taylor.

Thanks for the lovely American Thanksgiving Poems.

I am still accepting December Holiday Poems, ten lines or less, until Nov. 19.

You can submit here.

In November, I will be moving my web host. I may have to give you an alternate address during that time to submit and contact Circadian; if that is the case, I will do so.

If you haven’t checked out The Scruffy Dog Review and The Scruffy Dog Review Blog¸ do it now. It’s yet another great venue for your work.

Have a safe and happy Halloween/Samhein/Days of the Dead!


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