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Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday's Poem: Beacuse I Love You

Because I Love You
by Sheryl Joy P. Olaño

You touch my face, but I feel no warmth
You stare at me, but I can't stare back
You wipe my tears, yet they won't stop falling
'Cause I know you'd be with me no more

The sun has set; it's time for you to leave
I close my eyes, wishing you well
You smile but deep inside you're crying
I know your words mean farewell

You touch my hand, but still I feel empty
You hold me close, but still I feel cold
You speak soothing words that I know you don't mean
The word goodbye remains untold

I draw away to finish it all
The right thing is to let you go
Don't worry, I'll be fine; I'm
setting you free
Because I love you so

Sheryl Joy P. Olaño is a journalism graduate and now working as a junior editor in publishing company CannonCreek Asia Incorporated, where she deals with business news writing. She is also a contributor to the Philippine newspaper Sun Star Daily Cebu,,, ezine and goarticles. She writes essays,
short stories, poetry and sometimes novels.


  • At 3:59 PM, Blogger Colin said…

    Lovely poem. Is it the goodbye after a loved one has split, or is it mourning the death of a loved one - or both? Is it referring to an object or even the hurt of remembrance. Is it looking back or forward; memory or dream.

    It's so open to interpration - which is why I like this one so much.


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