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Monday, October 03, 2005

The Launch of Circadian Poems!

Welcome to the launch of Circadian Poems! I hope this will grow into an exciting, nurturing place for poets and people who love poetry.

I’m delighted to present our first poem, by Wanda D. Campbell – one of my favorite writers! It’s a delight to open the site with her poem.

Drum roll. Pop the champagne.

Here it is . . .

Our Inaugural Poem!

After the Rain
By Wanda D. Campbell

A horseshoe crab
Washed onto the shore.
Rachel ran toward it,
her bare feet
marking the sand.

With a stick I tried
to shove it back out to sea;
it wouldn’t budge
and Rachel
giggled out loud

as foam gathered around
her tiny feet,
stealing their tracks,
but the crab
and her laughter

“After the Rain” first appeared in River Walk Journal in 2005.

Wanda D. Campbell is a poet, novelist, artist and teacher from the rolling hill country of southern Kentucky. Her work has appeared in The Taproot Literary Review, Pegasus, River Walk Journal, storySouth, Midsouth Review, Farmland Publications, The Rogue Scholar and many other traditional and online publications. Most of her work has appeared the pen name, Nochipa. She is a member of the Kentucky State Poetry Society and attends workshops throughout Appalachia and the South. Visit her website, At Home in the Cumberlands.

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