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Monday, October 17, 2005

Friday's Poem -- Adultery

By Wren Fallon

I found out about her
from lipstick on the glass.
You had not rubbed it as
fully from the glass
as you no doubt rubbed
it from her lips.

I reached into the cabinet,
My hand passed over my usual glass
And I reached to the back
for a different goblet for wine,
a chalice to celebrate our love
As my body has been a chalice to celebrate you.

My fingers closed around the stem
I pulled it forward
Out of the cabinet.
The light passed the clearness of the crystal to catch the dullness on the rim.
I recognized the shade, faint as it was.
It isn't mine.

I know whose it is.

You might have at least used her glass.
You might have at least used her sheets.

The details fall into place --
The not talking in social situations
The familiarity with which you refilled her glass at a party
But jarring.

The backing from a pierced earring
I found in the garbage when the bag broke.

My ears aren't pierced.

The way the pitch of your voice changes
Sometimes when you pick up the phone.
The little things you are so careful not to do
Are more telling than those you do.

I know.

And now
You will face the consequences.

Wren Fallon likes to arrange words to communicate images and see what happens. She has neither a blog nor a website, and that’s the way she likes it. She’s been published in a variety of independent poetry outlets, here and there.


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