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Monday, October 31, 2005

A Buffet of Halloween Treats!

The Scryer
By Danielle Frézier

Scry, my witch, scry!
Read the bottom of the lake!
Speak to the dead and tell us their tales.
Release them from their sorrow.
Fortell the forbidden;
Then run from the righteous.


Witches’ Brew
By J. Vaughn

Black, oil, dark as night, visions of goblins cloud my sight.

Hot, boiling, nasty stew, what the hell is in this brew.

Eye of newt, lizard tail, don’t forget some of them nasty snails.

Drizzle, drazzle and drizzle drom, in this brew I throw a gnome.

Moss, fungus, mushroom too, all this stuff goes in the brew.

Boil it down in a big black pot, do it right, you just get one shot.

Spells, potions and lucky charms, these might help me from getting harmed.

Cooled down, handed out, drink this potion, I loudly shout.

Spinning rooms, eyes so red, I hope from this I don’t wake up dead.

Standing there with my eyes all blurry, I better move, I need to hurry.

Vodka, gin, bad whiskey too, all these taste better than the witches brew


Harvest Moon
By Brenda Braene

Harvest moon hangs round and gold
heavy in the sky
pregnant with meaning.
Is it an omen to fear?
Is it a portent of joy?
Make your choice in the crisp night air
Filled with apple smells and decaying leaves.


Carving Pumpkins
By Alicia Adams

My daughter carving her pumpkin looks up and
Asks “Is this good?”

Crooked teeth and one eye smaller than the other stare
Back. I nod my head yes and delighted

She lights the candle inside and in that moment
I realize the pumpkin is everything, everything.

Dry leaves whisper on the concrete in agreement. It’s
Another attempt throughout the ages to vanquish the

Three sufferings of man: pride, fear, and


Deep Cauldron
By Wren Fallon

Black-hatted witch
Black-speckled cat
Black-bottomed cauldron.
Stir and pray.
Stir and cry.
What rises from its depths tonight?
What do you fear?
Will you dive into the cauldron instead
to find
your soul?


Samhain Party
By Cassandra Oleander

Sing a song, dance a dance
Flip a coin and dream of France.
Drinky, drinky inky brew,
hop around on one left shoe.

Ask the tarot – cards don’t lie.
Be ye truthful, not a spy.
Bob for apples, hup, hup, hup,
Win the prize and fill your cup.

Speak to the dead and hear them sigh.
You’ll be an Ancestor by and by.


Alicia Adams loves Halloween and will not share her candy with other kids, including her own son and daughter. You can find her book Consumed By Passion: The Little Book of Quotes For Chocolate Lovers on You can also contact her through her blog at:

Brenda Braene’s blog is Poet Meets Muse, and she shares a website, The Three Braenes, with Bridget and Beatrix Braene. Her first published poem, “Harvest I” appeared earlier this month.

Wren Fallon likes to arrange words to communicate images and see what happens. She has neither a blog nor a website, and that’s the way she likes it. She’s been published by a variety of independent poetry outlets, here and there.

Danielle Frézier is at her best in the moonlight. She does not have a website . . .yet.

Cassandra Oleander finds the world entertaining and amusing, even when it’s not. Visit her at her blog Askew.

J. Vaughn enjoys writing both poetry and short stories that incite people to think beyond what they see and feel. He opposes both the war and the many layers of bureaucracy which ensnare our government during catastrophic events, leaving more problems than solutions. To see more of his work, go to:


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