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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

always be there

always be there
by Sheryl Joy P. Olaño

"I'll always be there for you…"
laughter to the lonely,
that whisper to my ears.
The pledge was his, I knew
Mushiest line on a sunny day

Spoke them by heart,
simple words of a simple man
My knight. My friend. How could I tell?
This dreamer he tried to protect
Tangled in perils he would strongly
Object. Object, object…he tried.
But give up, I would have lied.
This dream stronger than I,
The dream was finally mine!
He disappeared,
the pain in his eyes crystal clear.
He could not see why.

I soared, conquered
Without him by my side.
Revelations, the limelight never lost
My words punished, cured.

But on a night seemingly
a lot like other nights
Screeching motion.
A car. Then my body took
The explosion.
The car!
Returned to nowhere whence it came.

I died, I should have
But the pain was beyond
My lips
And the eyes
That served me so well
Could have crippled me for eternity
If not for a miracle
Could have been for someone,
Not for me.

Trauma. I fought. Trauma. I fought.
I lived.
Then I saw. Him!
Like a ghost painted on the park
Lips tainted with
A never before seen
Ease of his smile
Him! Handsome as the devil himself.
Questions. Utter tug-of-war
Should I approach, should I go?

It hit me, cold as snow
I loved him still
It ached me so
He stood. Was it in answer to me?
Behind dark glasses who knew what
Emotions he bore?
He walked. It could have killed me
The cane in his hand led,
Paved the way as past scenes
In the operating room unveiled!

Sheryl Joy P. Olaño is a journalism graduate and now working as a junior editor in publishing company CannonCreek Asia Incorporated, where she deals with business news writing. I am also a contributor to the Philippine newspaper Sun Star Daily Cebu,,, ezine and goarticles. She writes essays, short stories, poetry and sometimes novels.


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