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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Some Questions and Some Answers

I am about to send out invitations to some poets who I hope will join us. I think their work will enhance our understanding of the world.

Question: How often will poems appear?

Answer: That depends on how many submissions I receive. I hope to post 3-5 poems per week. There will, however, be times when I am traveling and cannot do so. That will also be posted, so that the site doesn't simply remain stagnant all the time.

Question: When will the poems begin to appear?

Answer: I hope to launch by October 1; however, if I have enough material, I will start posting poems sooner.

Question: Does posting on the site count as "publication"?

Answer: It will in some cases. It depends on the editor and publication to whom you submit anything appearing in Circadian Poems in the future, since this is a blog site to share poems, rather than a commercial website. Yes, you can add it to your list of credits as appearing (and archived) in Circadian Poets. Yes, authors retain copyright and the material cannot be used on any other site without author permission. And, for those publications that would consider an appearance here as "previous publication", it would fall under "one-time anthology use".

Guidelines will be available soon.


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