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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Guidelines for the Project

Here are the guidelines for the project. I hope you will choose to participate!

Circadian Poems Guidelines

This is a blog where we share original poems with each other, not a commercial ezine or a literary magazine. However, appearing here does count as electronic publication, so only send something that either has been previously published, or that won’t hurt you from appearing here as “One Time, Non-Exclusive Electronic Rights”.

The author retains copyright. Nothing can be reproduced without the author’s permission.
The poem can be published, sold, and used by the author (and only the author) anywhere else the author wishes. The author has been kind enough to share the work, not hand it over! If it appears first on Circadian Poems, please acknowledge that in future reprints. If the works has appeared elsewhere before it appears in Circadian Poems, please give that information in the bio line, so it can be properly acknowledged.

The poem will remain archived however long the archives stay up; if the author wishes the poem removed, let me know and I’ll delete it.

There is no pay involved, unfortunately. If this moves to its own domain and becomes a commercial site in the future, I will let everyone know. But, right now, it is a blog.

In spite of that, not every poem will be posted. I’m reading them as though they were submitted for paid publication, and the poems that move me the most strongly will be the ones put on the site.

Poems should be 30 lines or less. They can be rhyming, non-rhyming, sonnet – any format is fine, as long as the imagery and word choices are strong.

A single photograph or illustration to go along with the poem is welcome, provided it is original work, and follows the same rights as listed above, and appropriate credits will be listed. Please submit photographs as JPEG files.

A one or two sentence bio, not more than 50 words, will be included in the post. Links to websites and other work are welcome; if you wish a link to your website placed permanently on the sidebar, please let me know and send me the information. I’m happy to include it.

Projected launch date is October 3, 2005. Hopefully 3-5 poems per week will appear on the site.

I hope to respond to all submissions within 2-4 weeks. If submissions snowball, it may take longer.

Submissions can be sent here.


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