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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Circadian Poems -- A New Project

I can hear the groaning from those of you who know me.

Another project?

But this will be FUN!

As are the others!

What is this?

Well, as of yet, this is a blank canvas. But that's okay. Soon, it will fill. And it will fill thanks you YOU.

There's Daily Zen, Daily OM, Daily whatever.

What about a place for poets? Not just to read the work we've all read a million times, but to read something new? Something unique? To meet poets you've never met before?

That's the purpose of this site.

Soon, I will have an address for submissions, and guidelines.

Until then, here is Webster's Definition of "circadian":
"designating or of behavioral or physiological rhythms associated with the 24-hour cycles of the earth's rotation, as in man, the regular metabolic, glandular, and sleep rhythms which may persist through a dislocation of a day and night caused by high-speed travel."

Artists do that all the time.

And, I truly believe that people NEED poetry in order to function.

Our heartbeat sets an internal rhythm. The rhythm of poetry either compliments or agitates our natural internal rhythm. Either way, we need poetry in order to survive.

By nature, we are circadian poets, and we seek circadian poems.

Stay tuned to learn more about this journey!


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